Already Heading to Hell

Intellect in itself is a mode of exaggeration
An artist should create beautiful things
But should put nothing of his own life into them

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it
If the cave man had known how to laugh
History would have been different
heartintheattic: (Mr. Dorian Gray -1922)
"Beauty and Youth are all that are worth having. As you age this picture will stay forever beautiful."

Lord Kelso

         Described as a cold man who cared nothing for those around him but only for how his family looked. The man went as far as to have his daughter's husband killed before his grandson could be born just to not have a commoner in the family. Being the soul reason for Dorian being orphaned he did not allow the boy to be raised with him. It was rumored that the man hit his grandson but little proof was shown.

Margaret Devereux
          The mother of Dorian, rumored to be the most beautiful woman of society she cared nothing about these things and lived her life as she wanted. When she feel for a sailor she ran off and eloped. When her husband was killed in a duel set up by her father she feel into a deep depression and died shortly after her son's birth leaving him to the world.

Basil Hallward

          An artist friends with most of the woman in high society he was one of the first men to befriend young Dorian when he was brought to London after the death of Lord Kelso. He was so intranced by Dorian's looks and innocence that he feel for the young man and drew him none stop. He painted a picture of Dorian to keep his beauty forever. Though this became Dorian's damnation, he later blamed Basil for his curse and murdered him in cold blood.

Lord Henry "Harry" Wotton
          A well to do noble who made a fine art of doing nothing at all. The man had ideas, he was the very definition of a Dandy and lived his life a bitter existence but claimed to believe in all things beauty could bring. The man had horrible ideas for how people should live and Dorian intrigued by the free way Henry spoke he followed him like a puppy and soaked in all the mans words. Words that not even the man himself would act on.

Sybil Vane
        A young actress who he met playing the Theater Royale in West End, she was Juliet on stage and he instantly feel for her, he quickly asked for her to marry him but Henry seemed to frown on the idea and quickly their love feel apart. She lost her ability to act finally knowing real love not just stage love and Dorian realized that without her ability to act he did not love her. Sybil Vane committed suicide.

James Vane
       Sybil's brother James who had been away in the miltary when his sister died happened to be nearby and hears a woman refer to Dorian as "Prince Charming." The only name he knew the man by as his sister never reviled Dorian's name for her. He followed the young noble out and attempted to shoot him. They played a game of cat and mouse for a long while before Dorian caused the death of James. This he regreated.