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When I left the warm surroundings Of my selfish difficult stage

When our eyes first met there was deja-vu And a feeling I could not shake

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Name:Dorian Gray
Website:The Picture of Dorian Gray
"Don't confuse your beauty With the insolence of youth. You can move through time in one direction."
Sad but it's the truth
Name: Dorian Gray
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Build: rather small but a althetic build
Origin: Small town outside of London, England
Area of Expertise: seduction, stealth, subterfuge
menace to Society
Special Abilities: Rendered immortal due to a portrait painted by Basil Hallward. Cannot be harmed in any way other than through abuse of the painting itself.
Psychological profile: A very unstable, ill-temperate youth despite his acual unknown age. He is rather dangerous, entirely untrustworthy and eager to have his way with anyone avilable.

Dorian Gray is beautiful and irresistible. He is a socialité with a high ego and superficial thinking. When his friend Basil Hallward paints his portrait, Gray expresses his wish that he could stay forever as young and charming as the portrait. The wish comes true.

Allured by his depraved friend Henry Wotton, Gray jumps into a life of utter pervertion and sin. But, every time he sins, the portrait gets older, while Gray stays young and healthy. His life turns into a maelstrom of sex, lies, murder and crime. Some day he will want to cancel the deal and be normal again. But Fate has other plans.

I am far from being Dorian Gray, infact I choose not to use Stewart Townsend becuase well as okay f an actor as he is he is far from what Dorian is. So I choose to use Björn Andrésen in his role of Tadzio from the 1971 film Death In Venice.

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