Already Heading to Hell

Intellect in itself is a mode of exaggeration
An artist should create beautiful things
But should put nothing of his own life into them

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it
If the cave man had known how to laugh
History would have been different
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Bad Blood Verse:

Dorian Gray stumbled across a young doctor named Quincey, not just any boy was this. This young man was the son of Dorian's former lover Mina Harker. The son she thought dead. Quincey's wife was dying and all of this hit too close to home for the normally arogant immoirtal. He rode fast to find Mina and reunite then.

1 Dorian Meets Quincey
2 Dorian gets Mina
3 Reunion
4 Fight
5 Drunk and Stoned
6 Listening to music with Mina
7 My heart was in the attic.
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