Already Heading to Hell

Intellect in itself is a mode of exaggeration
An artist should create beautiful things
But should put nothing of his own life into them

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it
If the cave man had known how to laugh
History would have been different
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Born the Grandson of Lord Kelso, Dorian Gray was the idea of love and death embracing. His mother a lord's daughter well off becuase of her gradnfather leaving everything to her not her father (as her father was a bitter old man.) The beauty loved by all teh nobles broke their code by marrying a foot solider for love not money. Lady Margaret Devereux's happiness was shortlived, afterall her father lord Kelso had her husband killed in a duel She carried on though and fought to bring her baby boy into the world but that was not enough, no she did not survive the child birth.

Dorian was left alone to the world raised on a country estate by servants. He grew up innocent and naive, being told he was the reason his mother died. That love kills, there is no love without death. The ravings of a bitter old man. And then it happened by some miracle his grandfather died and innocent Dorian Gray was brought to London. Quickly making friends with the Lady Agatha and her group of nobles who fought for causes most overlooked like helping the people of White Chapel. It was through Lady Agatha and his new artist friend Basil Hallward that he met the man who would change his simple life.

Lord Henry "Harry" Wotton; A well to do noble who made a fine art of doing nothing at all. The man had ideas, he was the very definition of a Dandy and lived his life a bitter existence but claimed to believe in all things beauty could bring. His words were what caused the innocence of Dorian Gray to slip out of his grasp. On a fine day of June when Basil had finished a painting of Dorian, said to be his finest work

"Beauty and Youth are all that are worth having. As you age this picture will stay forever beautiful." The words Henry spoke that sent Dorian into hysterics and made him make a prayer on the painting Basil poured his soul into. A prayer for it to age instead of him, that simple childish prayer came true. From that fay forth Dorian Gray was immortal an Adonis to never be touched by time while his painting aged instead.

From that day Dorian slowly started to take a turn for the worst following Lord Henry around like a lost puppy soaking in all of his words. Words that not even the man himself would act on. His corruption truly started to show with his first love, Sybil Vane. A young actress who he met playing the Theater Royale in West End, she was Juliet on stage and he instantly feel for her, he quickly asked for her to marry him but Henry seemed to frown on the idea and quickly their love feel apart. She lost her ability to act finally knowing real love not just stage love and Dorian realized that without her ability to act he did not love her. Sybil Vane committed suicide.

When Dorian found out he feel apart for all of a few hours it was thanks to Lord Henry that he realized that it was not his fault and  that he must go on. It was later that night that Dorian noticed something was wrong with his brilliant painting, it was scowling at him. Quickly he had it put in the attic under lock and key so only he could see the transformation happening to it. And so back to Lord Henrys words, to go on. And Go on he did from that day Dorian Gray acted out on his every impulse, he tried every sin and everything his heart so desired with no conscience on his looks.

Through the years as Dorian stayed young his friends aged and the first to grow suspicious that something was wrong was Basil himself who came to question Dorian about the rumors the night before he was to leave for Paris. Wanting to believe in his friend, who admitted to everything he had done. He takes Basil to the painting, which after 18 years of sin is as hideous as Dorian should be. In anger, Dorian blames the artist for his fate and stabs the once beloved friend to death. his first murder. He gets an old friend named Alan Campbell, a chemist, who it is hinted at was a lover to destroy Basil's body. This marked another chapter closed in Dorian's life as Alan never spoke to him again and soon committed suicide as well.

Wishing to escape his crime(Basil's murder), Dorian went to an opium den. Sybil's brother James who had been away in the miltary when his sister died happened to be nearby and hears a woman refer to Dorian as "Prince Charming." The only name he knew the man by as his sister never reviled Dorian's name for her. He followed the young noble out and attempted to shoot him. However Dorian tricks him by telling James to look at him in the light and see he's at least 18 years too young to be the lover of Sybil! James lets Dorian go but is laughed at by a woman from the opium den for not killing Dorian she tells him that Dorian has not aged in at least 18 years. Vane is furious after that.

James stalks Dorian after a dinner party and fearing for his life Dorian leads him off towards a game shooting event where James is accidentally shot and killed. Dorian fled London after that needing some time away. When he returned to the city he promised Henry he planned to be good, He claimed to have has started so by not breaking the heart of his latest conquest, a innocent vicar's daughter in a nearby country town, the girl was named Hetty Merton. At home that eve Dorian was curious if picture has begun to change back as he had given up his evil ways.Sadly he found that it had only become worse. He wonders if it was merely because his quest for renewed innocence was merely vanity, curiosity, or the quest for new emotional excess.

He had decided the only way to purge his soul was to confess all of his sins but he lacked the feelings of guilt and fearing the consequences, h knew that without that confessing did no good. So he decided to destroy the painting. In a moment of rage filled passion he used the knife he killed basil with and plunged it through the painting.

[ This ends the novel's history.]